An important new series for a new year

It takes a long time, but you become

We take a close look at 2 Corinthians 3, and the hope that as we behold Jesus, we are being transformed.

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We Endure by Faith

We all have a belief system, and that belief system is primarily influenced by what we focus on and what has our heart / attention. It's imperative that belief is faith in Jesus, fueled by the gospel.

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New Strength

In this message, we consider whose strength carries us as we run our race.

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Eyes on the Prize

In order endure difficult seasons, the prize must be greater than the pain.

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Take Heart

A conversation about how we're able to endure, even during the most difficult seasons imaginable.

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The Importance of Doing Tough Stuff

We continue our conversation about Endurance with a focus on the priceless benefit of not giving up during tough seasons.

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Series Introduction

We kick off a very important series for a new year

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